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With more than 175 years of experience, Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld is one of Europe′s leading screw production and fastening technology companies. Setting technological courses in fixing and mounting technology is something Schmid Schrauben is used to. Today they are doing it as the leading manufacturer of screws in Austria.

From 2008 Schmid Schrauben forced the business within the own company by the acquisition of new machines, amongst them a 5-axis turning-milling machinery systems and turning systems as well as the extension and new construction of the logistics center with more than 6.000 palettes spots in order to be able to supply customers even more quickly and more efficiently.

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The RAPID® line combines top quality with a wide range of products for diverse fields of application. RAPID® products are Schmid Schrauben′s premium brand. Innovative technology with outstanding technical performance.

  • RAPID® 2000 screw offers the largest possible pull-out resistance, even in small dimensional sizes from Ø3 mm, as well as time and energy savings when screwing.
  • RAPID® Komprex screw rates highly due to its high pull-out resistance, fast screwing and energy saving screw driving. It is available in sizes from 8×80 to 10×500 mm.
  • RAPID® SuperSenkFix screws are distinguished by their innovative head geometry. They guarantee high pull-out values and allow for clean screwing without splitting and fraying. They are available in sizes from 6×80 to 10x400mm.
  • RAPID® Dual is a premium replacement for DIN 571 screws and offers significant advantages. It is available in sizes from 8×50 to 12×400 mm.
  • RAPID® Top-2-Roof provides the optimum geometry for mounting on-roof insulation. RAPID® Top-2-Roof is available in diameters 8×240 to 8×450 mm.
  • RAPID® Hardwood is the first to offer a hardwood screw fitting without pre-drilling. It is available in the sizes Ø 8×120 mm, Ø 8×160 mm, Ø 8×200 mm, Ø 8×240 mm.
  • RAPID® T-Con offers the highest quality for the wood-concrete-composite system. The quality surface RedWin is unmistakably part of the combination of wood and concrete. RAPID® T-Con is available in diameters 8×155, 8×205 mm.
  • RAPID® Fullthread stands for the highest quality in the fullthread assortment and is available with cylinder and countersunk heads. RAPID® Fullthread is available in diameters 8×120 to 12×1000 mm.
  • RAPID® T-Lift serves as a transport system, for example, prefabricated roofs, wall or ceiling elements, cross laminated timber or solid wood panels. The system consists of the RAPID® T-Lift screw and the RAPID® T-Lift hoist. RAPID® T-Lift screw is available in diameters 12×120/100 mm, 12×160/144 mm.

Schmid Schrauben Screws and Fasteners

Stardrive GPR®

Great value for money: Schmid Schrauben Hainfeld′s classic wood building screw.

StarDrive GPR® is their classic brand for partly threaded screw in different variations. Available surfaces from yellow galvanized to stainless steel. StarDrive GPR® is characterized by the quick screw connection and the low torque during fastening. StarDrive GPR® is available in diameters Ø 4×30 to 10×400 mm. Stainless steel: Ø 8×120 and 8×160 mm.

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