Recently, Rawlplug visited our store in Tallinn to redesign the shelves, to implement POS system in Estonia. The news about it has also been prepared by them. 

Read it down below and also visit Rawlplug’s news page.

Putting products in order on shelves, introducing visual elements to navigate the offering and expanding the product range – these are only some of the activities completed as part of the implementation of Rawlplug’s POS system in Estonia. Once again, we proved that the way of displaying products is just as important as their quality.

Redesigning the display at Sanera’s store

Recently, we have thoroughly redesigned the shelving at a shop run by Sanera, one of the largest distributors of Rawlplug’s products in Estonia. Sanera is a Tallinn-based company specialising in delivering comprehensive solutions for manufacturing and construction companies. Sanera’s product range is very extensive, from industrial tools and building materials, through lifting equipment and fasteners, to construction chemicals and workwear.

Diagnosing the problem

Before we proceeded to implement the POS system at Sanera’s store, the shelves were lacking clear communication. Products would often come from different manufacturers and did not constitute a complementary offering. During the process of redesigning the display, we managed to introduce a number of new products to the range offered there. We expanded the portfolio to include the FF1, 4ALL and UNO universal fixings, XPT throughbolts in Rawl Bag packaging, a wide range of staplers and adhesives, a full range of power tool accessories, as well as accessories for the SC40ll gas nailer. Due to the popularity of high-quality wood screws on the Estonian market, we also expanded our Procut R-PTX range.

Customer support every step of the way

To facilitate the implementation of the new display, we prepared a set of POS materials in Estonian as well as dedicated planograms to help the customer maintain a determined way of displaying the products on the shelves. We implemented the POS system in Tallinn in collaboration with our Estonian company Koelner Vilniu and the DIY department from Wroctaw. Thanks to our commitment and effective communication with the customer, we were able to offer solutions enabling better display of Rawlplug’s products and, in turn, translating into more future sales.

Why Rawlplug POS?

A POS (point of sale) system is a set of advertising tools supporting the selling process. At Rawlplug, we developed our own original POS system in which elements such as modular shelving as well as intuitive packaging with installation instructions and colour coding play a key role. In addition, we use toppers, i.e. promotional materials placed at the top of the racks, and wobblers, installed on the edges of shelves, communicating the most important features of our products.

The POS system makes it possible to present Rawlplug’s product range in a clear and attractive way, allowing our customers to shop more comfortably. At the same time, effective display helps our suppliers and distributors to achieve better sales results.

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